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This is the moment we’ve been waiting for! We can’t wait to tell you about our half cup bra collection at AYNAYA. Let’s start off by telling you that we have quite a collection of half cup bra. Looking for it in a specific colour? Looking for a white half cup bra? Or how about a specific material like sheer half cup bra? Or lace half cup bra? We have you covered! And as for sizes, we also have you covered from petite to queens or as some may like to call it plus size half cup bra or search for it as half cup bra plus size. Oh wait, we need to inform you that half cup bra and shelf bra are the same thing just written differently. As we’ve already introduced you to the term half cup bra we’ll just stick to it. Anyway, checkout our half cup bra collection and bookmark AYNAYA because we throw out lingerie sales from time to time. Just like all our other women’s bra collection, they match perfectly with our women’s underwear collection. How about mix and match panty and bra set. Just so you know… AYNAYA is half cup bra UK.